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Who We Are


Crishona Battle BSN, RN

Hello and Welcome! This is Nurse Battle Owner and CEO of Body Confidence Day Spa Hydration and Wellness. I am a board-certified Registered Nurse with 11+ years experience working in acute and post-surgical care ranging from, Med Surgical, Women's Health, and Emergency Triage.  I started Body Confidence Day Spa to introduce and offer preventative and alternative care options to help positively impact the health and wellness of the community and make a difference. Holistic health and self care is vital to our wellbeing. I am here to serve the community by promoting and encouraging preventative and alternative care that helps support your body confidence needs for optimal health from the inside out.



To provide preventative and alternative care services to help support the health and wellness of the community. For men and women to feel confident in their health from the inside out. 


To Inspire healthier life style changes and promote self care habits that positively  impact the health, well-being  and body confidence of people in the community.


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